Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Quarter Inch

I'm often curious to hear the story behind blog and company names and thought I'd share how my blog got its name. 

When I was naming my blog, I dismissed something with my name pretty quickly. It seemed like Christine Weld Quilts just wasn’t memorable or fun. I tend to gravitate towards more creative names rather than eponymous ones—I think, as a visual person, names with adjectives resonate with me more. 

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I liked about quilting and what defined me as a quilter. As a quilter who likes many different techniques, there wasn’t one singular style that I could use as an identifier—I wasn’t Christine the Paper Piecer, for instance.

I started thinking about what unifies us as quilters, and I kept coming back to the humble quarter inch seam. It’s one of the first skills you learn as a quilter and it’s vital for precise quiltmaking. Certainly, there are times when you can abandon the quarter inch seam (improvisational quilting comes to mind), but it’s a skill that every quiltmaker needs to master and something that unifies us in our craft. The name also lends itself to a pretty obvious graphic for a logo!

Quilting is about community for me and I like that this blog name is one that includes all quilters. There’s room for everyone around my virtual quilting frame!