Monday, October 23, 2017

DIY Washi Tape

I make a lot of quilts using precuts and often have a lovely pile of coordinating scraps leftover at the end. I generally toss them in a baggie together and now have a pretty substantial collection of scraps from various projects.

Over the coming months, in an effort to make use of some of these scraps, I'm going to work on smaller projects that can showcase these pretty little bits that I don't want to just toss. It's going to be Scraptastic!

First up: DIY washi tape. I hesitate to even call this a tutorial since there's not much to it. But for the smallest leftover bits in your stash, consider making some homemade washi tape. The uses for washi tape are endlessyou can brighten up mail, use it in craft projects, or dress up items around your house, like boxes, picture frames, or clothespins.

Simply attached doubled sided fabric tape (I used Dritz Res-Q-Tape) to scraps of fabric and trim. You can cut the ends straight, or trim them at an angle for a bit more flair.

I keep an extra rotary cutter with an older blade reserved for cutting paper. I used it for this project since the backing material on the tape might dull my other blade. Be particularly careful when trimming as the backing material was pretty slippery.

Since washi tape can be skinny (mine was 3/4"), this is a particularly good use of those really small scraps that would otherwise go in the trash bin.

I put my washi tape right to work dressing up some mail!