Thursday, May 19, 2016

Book Review: Wanderlust Quilts

I've long considered the connections between architectural details and quilting. Floors, mosaics, arches, tiles...these all have influenced quilt designs. The author of Wanderlust Quilts: 10 Modern Projects Inspired by Classic Art & Architecture takes this idea and runs with it. 

Author Amanda Leins studied classical Archaeology and her depth of knowledge is evident in her patterns and her descriptions of the thought process behind her design choices. I love Leins' assertion that modern doesn't mean simple. She employs many advanced techniques in her patterns, with contemporary results. 

This book is brimming with creativity. Several of the designs are irregularly shaped, and some of Leins' patterns are more descriptions of techniques that specific step by step instructions. She employs innovative piecing techniques and encourages a creative style of quilt-making.

My favorite project in the book is Aqueducts. It's a bright, happy quilt and I was intrigued by the idea of made fabric and her descriptions of getting together with friends to piece scraps. 

While there wasn't one quilt that jumped out at me as one I just had to make, the book is a great resource for the creativity it inspires. The projects really get the creative juices flowing!