Monday, December 11, 2017

Gift Ideas for Quilters: 2017 Edition

With two weeks to go before Christmas, you might be wondering what to get the quilter in your life. Here are some ideas, either taken directly from my own list or based on products I've used and loved this year. Please note, I was not sent any of these products for free, these are simply my opinions!

I’ve been a subscriber to the Tagged label club from Sweetwater for several months. Each month I receive a beautiful, personalized label (sometimes two!), ready to be affixed to a quilt or other project. I keep meaning to make a zipper bag with one! These labels make a great gift because they are both practical (who doesn’t need a bit of a push labeling their quilts?) and this is a subscription-based product that won’t break the bank that the giver will enjoy for months to come.

I love enamel pins in general, and I especially love this little pin and the story behind the word “sewist.” I’m a lover of words, and I feel having the perfect word to use is important. “Sewist” combines the words “sewer” and “artist” and has the advantage of not being misread as the other type of sewer (you know, the type underground that smells rather unpleasant). The pin is available is aqua and pink.

Another great stocking stuffer is one of Moda’s Matchbox quilts. These small kits include nearly everything to make a six-inch quilt. You can get one or a few of these darling little projects. 

For a more functional gift, a seam roller is a practical gift that surprisingly is not in every quilter's toolbox. I like being able to press seams quickly, especially when paper piecing. I use this curved, wooden one made for pressing wallpaper seams (a flat roller can leave lines on the fabric). It is sturdy and works wonderfully. Clover also has a smaller, ergonomic version called the Roll & Press that is readily available in quilting stores. 

One of my favorite gifts last year was a box of Aurifil thread that my husband surprised me with. It's like candy for quilters! I'm still working my way through the box nearly a year later (those spools are large). You can't go wrong with a box of neutrals, or, for something more cheerful and bright, pick up one of their many boxes curated by various fabric designers.   

Finally, the big gift on my list this year is Electric Quilt 8. I'm a big fan of Electric Quilt, but have been chugging along with Electric Quilt 5 all these years. I think I'm due for an upgrade! The new version looks chock full of great new features and I'm excited to check it out if I find it under the tree this year!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and find lots of quilting goodies under the tree!