Saturday, April 29, 2017

Made With Love

Like many quilters, I gift a lot of my quilts. It truly brings me joy to give a handmade quilt someone I care about. I especially like making baby quilts to welcome little ones. Babies need snuggles!

Recipients of my quilts commonly ask me about washing instructions. I know some people write this information right on the quilt label, but I am not much of a labeler (I know, I know! I need to work on this!). I recently printed a bunch of business cards with washing instructions to tuck into the quilts I gift. Easy and inexpensive! You can easily print your own using a business card template available on any number of printing sites.

I ordered a lot of these cards, more than I need! I'd love to send ten cards to two different readers. Simply follow the prompts on the Rafflecopter widget below. Happy sewing, everyone!

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  1. I love gifting quilts - mostly baby quilts to our local hospital, but for me - I just love the joy of giving! Love the labels you printed - wonderful idea!

  2. I love gifting quilts! Baby quilts especially are fun. I love gifting the quilt in person and seeing the recipient's face--it's so satisfying and thrilling!
    These cards are sew cute--what a nice touch to tell someone how to care for our works of art.

  3. I love gifting quilts!! I really love gifting. I am really uncomfortable receiving, if that makes sense. I love to give with my heart and when I make a quilt, I feel that it is part of me that I am sharing. I told the last recipient that I gifted to that, it was a continual hug from me!!

  4. Heck, yeah! There are so many people who like them. I do give a lot to charity causes. I can stretch my creativity then and try out different projects. These would be great to attach to the quilts!

  5. I've probably given away about 50 quilts. One year, I realized it was ridiculous that our own home didn't have any quilts because they'd all been gifted! I set out to remedy that!

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