Saturday, January 23, 2016

Straight Up

I’ve spent a lot of time quilting straight lines lately. My fallback quilting choice is usually to stipple my quilts. I love how quickly I can get a project done with stippling and I enjoy how it flows. Lately, however, I’ve been inspired to try other quilting designs.

I recently finished a half square triangle quilt top. I quickly knew I wanted to quilt it with straight lines, diagonally across the quilt. I wanted lines to intersect the peak of each triangle, and figured out lines spaced 7/8 of an inch apart would be close enough together for the effect I wanted. This translated into a lot of lines.

Was quilting so many straight lines monotonous at times? Certainly. Probably a bit more monotonous than stippling, but not much. It went fairly quickly and was pretty easy to accomplish on a domestic machine. 

I love the modern look it gives the quilt. It adds dimension and texture, but works with the orderly look of the half square triangle quilt.

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